Four Faces Gazing
by Daniel Steinbock
You think of yourself as having a single mind. Yet you've heard that the brain has two distinct hemispheres, each of which sees and experiences the world in distinctly different ways. However, short of having a stroke (see this video), this anatomical fact seems to have no impact on your conscious life. That's because there's never been a way to experience this fact directly. Until now.

Four Faces Gazing is a simple technique, learnable in seconds, that allows you to 'see out' of each brain on its own. By looking carefully at someone's face -- half the face at a time, with one eye at a time -- you can see precisely how your hemispherical mind/body effects how you see and experience others. You can do this with a partner or with a special kind of mirror -- a 'true mirror' -- that doesn't flip your image backwards.

I call the technique 'Four Faces' because when you look at someone in this way you see four different faces with four distinct personalities. Likewise, when someone reads your four faces, they can describe to you the four people they see.

The research project to understand this effect is underway, but what can be said for certain is that hundreds of people who have practiced it have gained valuable insight about themselves and their relationships with others. It's a lot of fun to do and can be very moving. You'll never see faces the same way again.

Four Faces Mirror (beta test)
I am developing web-based software to enable you to do the Four Faces method on yourself using a webcam. This first prototype version uses bleeding-edge web technologies and requires the Chrome web browser.

I'm making this available for beta testing by those who have already learned the technique in one of my classes. It's self-guided.

Try it now: Four Faces Mirror
(follow instructions, hit h for help)
Private Consultations
If you'd like more insight about your four faces and your relationships, I offer personal consultations over the internet. Contact me to set one up. (Limited time Burner discount: $20 for 20 minutes).